Bollywood And Vine

Bollywood And Vine

How about a sweet innocent gay romance? Are you sick of violent thrillers and dark dramas? Well, if so, take a look at Bollywood & Vine, a charming low budget indie we enjoyed. Bhuvan leaves his family in India to make it rich in Hollywood and return to Bollywood triumphant. Well he gets to Hollywood but ends up driving a Volkswagen camper around on a star search tour. At the home of his favorite faded horror star he sends greetings each day. While the star Delilah Leigh wants to answer his bullhorned messages, she feels she can't. She needs to tighten up her face and both she and her son sell vinyl siding by phone -- not exactly the kind of career that pays for plastic surgery. And speaking of Delilah's son, Devin is gay, adorable and on the search for husband. So Devin and mom concoct a scheme, he'll dress up as the film star and pretend for the tour. Bhuvan is enchanted with who he thinks Delilah is and the rest is romantic history.

With obviously a small budget, this film has only the acting and story to depend on. Horror director Donald Farmer and his directing partner Edward Jordan have done a beautiful job telling us the story and the whole cast is first-rate. Kudos to Skye Aubrey as Delilah Leigh, she presents a warm and attractive character who loves her gay son and even schemes to match him up with the right boy., Scott Cranin.

September 2005

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