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Massis Celebrates 20

Alex Massis has added 27 full-length motion pictures, bringing his portfolio to 80 strong titles under the logo: "Alex Massis Presents," represented exclusively by The Film Source Company.

During the years the past 20 years, Massis has represented more than 250 American, European, and other countries' high-quality motion-pictures, among them Black Rain, directed by Shohei Imamura; I Sent a Letter to my Love, directed by the Academy Award-Winning Moshe Mizrahi, starring Simone Signomet; and The Trial, starring Anthony Hopkins; the Paul Morrissey cult films presented by Andy Warhol, and other classics including Liquid Sky, Daughters of Darkness, Dona Flora and Her Two Husbands, and several of the Carlos Barreto motion pictures; seven Australian films produced by Rosa Colosimo; Kurt Unger's Return from River Kwai and Puppet on a Chain, among others.

Alex Massis worked with the Saleh family of The Angelika Films Center, in New York City. He served as the company's Executive Vice President for International Affairs and later formed, in June 1995, his consulting company, which earlier this year became The Film Source Company. Close to 80 high - quality motion pictures are being offered under the


Alex Massis Presents banner. Films include: the Mario Bava House of Horror collection; 13 action/thriller motion pictures and The Chair starring James Coco; the new Brazilian film The Magic Hour, directed by Guilherme de Ahneida Prado; the American independent movies, Crossing Fields and With a Family Like Mine; plus classics and re- issues including American Showcase, a selected list of 11 American motion pictures from the 30s and 40s, colorized and copyrighted.

Alex Massis, who co-produced Moshe Mizrabi's first full-length motion-picture, The Traveller (1968) and gave Sigoumey Weaver her first film role in motion pictures (Madman, 1977) has screen-credits as producer, executive producer, and associate producer in 15 full-length motion pictures and close to 200 hours of television. Currently, as President of The Film Source Company, he is extending his professional expertise toward the packaging, financing, and marketing of motion pictures and television ventures. He is the Executive Producer of Super Kid, an animation series (52 x 26), Shadows of Paradise, a forthcoming British-Israeli co-production, and The Reverend's Wife, scheduled for principal photography, March 2000.

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