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"LIFE IS LIFE" Invited to the Hong Kong, Cleveland, Huston and Syracuse Festivals

"LIFE IS LIFE", a film by Michal Bat Adam, starring Yael Abecassis and Moshe Ivgui, was invited to the Cleveland, Huston and Syracuse festivals in the USA and will compete at the Hong Kong International film festival, April 2004 - following to Being part of the official programs at the "Love Festival", Mons Belgium earlier this month - Its North America Premieres were at the Chicago, Montreal and the Quebec Festivals summer 2003. The new Bat Adam's film, received the "Best Photography" award, at the Haifa Festival.

"Life Is Life" (90 minutes, 2003) is the ninth motion picture, written and directed by Michal Bat Adam who produced it together with Moshe Mizrahi, the academy's awarded director ("Madam Rosa", starring Simone Signoret).

"It is an ironic, bitter-sweet-story, about our addiction to lust, our longing for true love and the nature of the creative process. Macky, a writer, a married man about fifty is having an affair with Ayala, about thirty and mother to a ten-year old little girl"- This is how Michal Bat Adam describes "Life Is Life" and its main character, which is "haunted by his fantasies, and pursued by the realities of his life and his real and imaginary women".

Michal Bat Adam is a well known director, published author, screen and stage actress - She starred in numerous motion pictures in several countries. Her son, Daniel Mizrahi, scored the music for "Life Is Life", starring Moshe Ivgui and Yael Abecassis, with Moshe Mizrahi himself, in a cameo part.

Yael Abecassis starred in two films which were competing at the 2003's Venice Film Festival: "Dance In Three Dance", awarded the first prize, by the Festival critics and, Amos Gitai's "The Plot". Ms. Abecassis played main parts in several European films, like "Bella Ciao" from Italy or, the French film "L’Enfant Perdu".

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