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The Film Source licenses to Italy, Israel,
Scandinavia, Greece, Benelux and Spain

The Film Source, The New York based marketing and licensing company, returned home from NATPE and the Berlin Film Market, with signed lucrative agreements, in Italy, Israel, Scandinavia, Spain and other countries, many of its clients' motion pictures for Video, DVD and Television.

Four of the Mario Bava classic-horror Films, were licensed to Dall'Angello Pictures in Italy: "Lisa and The Devil", "Baron Blood", "House of Exorcism" and "Four Time That Night" - All four, produced by Alfredo Leone.

Israel Cable Programming took 15 American, Canadian and Australian titles and ordered more, to be negotiated and signed, within the two coming months. Among the 15 titles licensed to ICP: Seven directed by Paul Morrissey, including "Flesh for Frankenstein" and "Blood for Dracula".

The Film Source, representing Paul White and Cine Sales Inc. licensed "Spontaneous Combustion", "Night Wish" and "Bride of the Re-Animator" to Pengloss, Switzeralnd, through BDO-Bernard Dauman - in several territories, including Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Greece, Spain and France.

"NATPE and Berlin Film Market were very good for us," said Alex Massis, the company managing Director, "Those signed agreement are, only the tip of the iceberg. We held more than thirty meetings, at NATPE and Berlin we are doing more than 75 percent of our volume by e-Mail, assisted by our web based catalogue and are encouraged to find an increasing interest in our classics, cult and Family collections".

The Film Source Catalogue was recently expanded to encompass the new collection of Animation and Live shows, presented under its label "Masks" - produced by the MASKI Studios in Odessa, Ukraine for children, Adults, Educational Series and 74 live shows. "We found a real positive interest in this new line of product, never before offered outside Eastern Europe," said Alex Massis.

At NATPE, an exclusive agreement was signed for an additional list of twenty one American made motion pictures from the 1970's and '80's launched under the Label: "Alex Massis Presents" in their new category: "American Showcase"

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