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The Film Source Represents Italian Classics
- 24 Rare Treasures Directed by:
Fellini, Visconti, Rosselini, Bava and Fulci

Fellini's "La Dolce Vita"; Visconti "La Terra Terma" and "Obssessione"; Vitorio De Sica's "Suscia"; "Germania Anno Zero" from Roberto Rossellini, "La Contrabandiere" or Mario Bava's "Evil Eye" - are seven titles of the twenty-four Italian-classics Films, being represented by Film Source S.A., Managed by Alex Massis, the veteran sales agent and specialist in the marketing and licensing of classic, cult and special-interest high quality motion pictures.

The collection was acquired for re-issue in all media, worldwide (with some exclusuins) by Alfredo Leone, the New York based producer. - The package of the rare 24 classic films - is already being released on Video and DVD, by Image Entertainment in the USA, while some of the titles, were licensed by Film Source S.A. in Japan, France, UK, Australian TV and being negotiated, currently by Alex Massis, under his "The Film Source" banner, In other major markets.

Thirteen Mario Bava Films are the largest part in the package: A Tribute to Mario Bava was held, last month, at The "Egyptian" theater on Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard, opening with the world premiere of the restored version of Mario Bava's "Kidnapped", to rave reviews, Headlined by the Los Angeles Times: "A new life to Mario Bava Films" - The Mario Bava' series The Tribute is now traveling in the USA, booked by Cinemateques, Film Societies, Universities and art-theaters. A theatrical release of "Kidnapped" is scheduled to fall 2002. .

"Alfredo Leone, who produced and directed many Italian and American-Italian motion pictures, several of them in collaboration with Mario Bava and other known Italian directors - Achieved successfully an important mission, by putting together this unique classic collection,"said Alex Massis, who will attend the Montreal film Festival, Mipcom and Mifed, later this year.

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August 2002

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