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“Sleep ‘til you Drink”


“Sleep ‘til you Drink," a new American film, will be represented in all media throughout the world by The Film Source Company.

Written and directed by Jerry D. O’Donnell in an impressive debut - “Sleep ‘til you Drink” (USA, 2006, 96 minutes) tells the story of a wannabe actor who is sending out a distress signal: S.O.S. Same old #@$#@$!

Day in/day out, "Tim Shanahan" (played by O’Donnell, himself) drinks till he sleeps and sleeps till he drinks. Every now and then he shows up at his dead-end job: delivering Chinese food. It never fails. He’s forever delivering "Won Ton Soup" to his old college friends who live in big houses, drive expensive cars and seem to be living the "American dream.”

Alex Massis, The Film Source President, said upon signing the exclusive sales-representation agreement: "‘Sleep 'til you Drink’ is a serio-comic film. It is a contemporary comedy that will speak to most of the world’s audiences. The character of Tim Shanahan is a modern day 'Everyman,’ a young guy who is trying to decide which road to take in his life. Along the way, he drinks, stumbles, falls and, finally, sees the light of day.”

"Sleep ‘til you Drink" is one of a current list of new (2005-6) movies from The Film Source, a Florida-based marketing and sales agency.

Three more films (from the USA, Canada and the UK) will be announced before the end of this month.

April 2006

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