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The Film Source Takes "TIME HEALS"
From INDIA, to the WORLD

“Time Heals," a new film from India, will be brought to the world’s screens by The Film Source Company in 2006.

Directed by Ravi Ojha and produced by Kalidas Ojha, “Time Heals” follows in the esteemed footsteps of epic romances like “Doctor Zhivago.” The film features tour-de-force performances by Koneenica Banerjee and Saswata Chatterjee as star-crossed lovers. Rounding out the huge cast is Victor Banerjee who was nominated for a BAFTA Award as Best Actor in 1984’s “A Passage To India.”

In “Time Heals,” the past stunningly collides with the present as modern-day lovers in India struggle with the possibility that they are the reincarnates of star-crossed freedom-fighters for their heroic homeland independence from British Empire rule.

The Film Source’s president, Alex Massis said, "Viewers of ‘Time Heals’ will ask themselves: Was he, in his past life, actually a traitor to the cause? Must she, in her present incarnation, seek revenge for his apparent treachery? Or… Is their love story infinitely more far-reaching than just the two of them? Will time heal all?"

The Film Source, a Florida-based international marketing and sales company, represents “Time Heals” in all media throughout the world. The new 2005 film is currently being introduced to the major 2006 festivals. Its domestic theatrical release in India is a smash box office success due to rave reviews in India's printed and electronic media.

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November 2005

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