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, starring Michal Bat-Adam and directed by academy award winning director, Moshe Mizrahi, - entered the fifth week of its world theatrical premiere in Montréal, Canada, where the audiences agreed with the reviews.

"A fine film, filled with nuances, and yet, of a great radiance.... The ideas in Women, thread their way between the Kabbalah and its misinterpretation, heaven and earth, the body and the lights, bringing to the film, an impalpable quality impossible to clarify....."

"The scenery and the aura of Jerusalem - leaves a strong impression... Women lays out a sensitive portrait of a woman, who is, both, the victim and agent of her own misfortune....Women shows the power of those women, who were keepers of the social codes and customs...."

"The excellent Michal Bat-Adam... led by a director who draws from her, great cries out of long silences and outlines her withdrawal shadow in her luminous presence, which is carried entirely on her shoulders."
 - Martin Bilodeau


"Women, the very beautiful film by the Israeli filmmaker Moshe Mizhari, winner of the 1977 Oscar award for "Madam Rosa" - shows that, beyond the differences - peaceful cohabitation is possible, between men (and women) of good will."
"Exploring universal emotions, love, jealousy, bareness and the desire to have a child - Women deals with faith, goodness, tolerance, and above all, poses the question: How far can one go for love?"
- Huguette Roberge, LA PRESSE

"Michal Bat-Adam has never been better.... It is Mizrahi's and Bat-Adam's finest effort."  - Kevin Thomas, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

"LA BELLE HISTOIRE", proclaimed the film critic of LA PRESSE, Canada's premier French language newspaper, in describing WOMEN. The English language daily, GAZETTE, was not far behind, headlining its critique: "Menage a trois, with a Rabbi's Blessing." The verdict of LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL, was: "Que D'excellents."

VARIETY wrote from Hollywood, praising the film star, Michal Bat-Adam: "A strong central performance...the distinguished actress Bat-Adam, does magnificently as a bright, pious, self sacrificing woman...."


Moshe Mizrahi is back again in a film of pure happiness, a brilliant fable, pious and humanist about self-sacrifice and love… Moshe Mizrahi mastering perfectly his story… reaches summits of humanity and generosity… "Women" find its way into the core of our desires and demons. Beautiful and moving.
D.B. "LA LIBRE BELGIQUE" 13/9/2000

A subtle film, open to multiple interpretations, that plunges us into nineteen century Jerusalem… Mizrahi describes with subtlety the internal conflict of a woman who has assumed too much of her strength… That incursion in a cultural world rarely shown on the screen reveals itself as astonishingly rich.
"THE TICKET" September 2000

In this story of a highly ambiguous self-sacrifice, Mizrahi analyze subtly the psychological journey of a woman caught in a trap of her own doing.
TELEFILMS 13/9/2000

Mizrahi provides shrewd insights into Jewish culture and the nature of love in a fabulous-looking effort.
"THE BULLETIN" 13/9/2000

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