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Jonathan Trent and Jim Verraros attached to:

American actors Jonathan Trent (“Boy Culture”) and Jim Verraros (“Eating Out”) will take part in the forthcoming USA film, "Copacabana, of Love and Shadows." The movie is budgeted at 5 million dollars with principle photography slated to begin in early 2007 in Rio De Janeiro. Brazilian actors, Luciano Szafir(“Nightmare Man”) and Mariz Garcez (”The Machine”) were also confirmed to take part in the English-speaking motion picture.

Negotiations are underway with several other well-known American actors to complete the cast. Ricardo Veiga will score the film.

Roberto Jabor, the awarded Brazilian director, will direct "Copacabana, of Love and Shadows" from his own script. The film will be executive-produced by Alex Massis for The Film Source, a Florida-based production and sales company, which will also handle all rights.

This will be Jabor's first full-length film and the 14th for Alex Massis who executive produced, among others, "Circle of Iron" starring David Karadin, "Sellout" with Oliver Reed, "The Traveler" directed by the Oscar-awarded Moshe Mizrahi, The Japanese movie, "A Boy and a Camel ," and "Promised Lands,“ a feature documentary directed by Susan Sontag.

Roberto Jabor summarized the "Copacabana" story: "When a handsome and wealthy English artist meets a Brazilian street kid, it looks like a match made in heaven. Maybe it is, but not if the drag queen that haunts both their pasts has anything to say about it."

Roberto Jabor production reel:

Jonathon Trent:
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Composer: Ricardo Veiga
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October 2006


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