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American Showcase

Bollywood And Vine An hilarious satire on Hollywood's "oldies" in which, veteran American TV star Skye Aubrey stars in a romantic comedy-crime-caper, about a born-in-India' "stars-tour" driver, who gets more than he bargained for, when he writes a comeback movie for his screen idol: The reclusive B-movie actress "Delilah Leigh."

Duke House Where do you go when you lose your mojo? If you’re Fritz, a German sailor docked in NYC for a weekend, you take Lola – your beloved horn – hop on the A train to Sugar Hill in Harlem and pray at the altar – or in this case, fire escape – of the late, great Duke Ellington.

Running The story of one man who has lost everything, his family, his job and his confidence, all because of his fear of failure.

Santa Smokes During the New York Christmas frenzy JOHNNY - ex bowler and struggling actor - meets ANGEL. Taking on the role of his life he finds unusual romance and reveals the dark sides of SANTA CLAUS. During his voyage from aspiring actor to Santa-provocateur Johnny/Santa becomes a surreal counter part to the holiday-spirited streets of New York, the Big Apple ... a perfect place for Johnny and Santa to do it his own way.

With A Family Like Mine.. When Todd Nagel and his three sisters - all middle-aged with families of their own - are thrown together at a family bat mitzvah weekend, any semblance of maturity and sanity gets thrown out the window, as these adult siblings hilariously regress right back to childhood. Directed by David Seman.