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Closer & Closer Apart

     Drama - Romance
     1989 / 90 mins / Australia

Steve Bastoni
Marie Louise Walker
and George Harlem

Directed by Steve Middleton

Music by Joe Dolce
Produced by Rosa Colosimo

Adultery tears apart a long-standing friendship
Inspired by Giovanni Verga's short story
and the opera "La Cavalleria Risticana"
Synopsis: Alfio (George Harlem) and Sam (Steve Bastoni) are friends, but Alfio plans to keep working as a fish-seller for his dad, and Sam is going off to join the Army. The two of them double date, but despite Sam's assumed affinity for his level-headed girlfriend Angie (Linda Hartley), both of them really prefer Alfio's gal Lola (Marie-Louise Walker, who is quite daring and outgoing. Lola, in turn, really prefers Sam, but marries Alfio. When Sam gets back from the army, Lola begins having an affair with him, which ruins things between Alfio and Sam when Alfio finds out.

This story, set among the Sicilian community living in Melbourne, is based on the opera La Cavalieri Rusticana by Mascagni.

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