The Film Source Collection

Action / Adventure / 53 mins / English Subtitles Available

Starring Dan Turgeman,
Zofit El Yashiv, Slomo Tarshish,
Gal Zaid and Roberto Pollack

Directed by Shmuel Inberman

Produced by Moshe Levinson

Synopsis: Avi shows his granddaughter around his wartime battle position and recounts the story of the Seventh Mine.

Having being ordered to retake Hill 602 and wait for reinforcements, Avi's platoon finds itself in a mine strewn post without a map locating the explosives. The seven unexploded mines create havoc among the platoon soldiers - they refuse to leave their posts, afraid to go on guard duty and so, one by one the fatalities mount.

The dilemma in the Commander's mind is whether or not to advise the incoming reinforcements that a few unexploded mines are still located...