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Horror - Black Comedy - Cult
1988 / 94 minutes / Color
Dolby Sound / Rated
The Chair - starring James Coco
After Dark, horror stalks the cellblock halls

As new inmates troop into an abandoned prison, they are welcomed by Dr. Harold Langer, who has been given the opportunity to put into practice his controversial criminal reform program. Dr, Langer hires an enthusiastic college student, Lisa (Trini Alvarado) as his assistant. She soon finds herself drawn to one of the prisoners, Rick (Gary McCleery), who has been falsely convicted of murder. The prison is supervised by Warden Dwyer, a disciplinarian who only has contempt for Langer's efforts.

During the day, the prisoners seem to be happy, working well in Langer's group therapy sessions, enjoying their rewards of Chinese food and getting involved in "creative" self-expression.

But soon, after dark, horror stalks the cellblock halls. A murderous ghost - a legacy left from a riot in the prison twenty years earlier, haunts the corridors. Dwyer, who had witnessed the gristly execution of his then superior, Warden Joe Callahan (John Bentley), is now convinced that Callahan's ghost is responsible for the mayhem. The inmates, feeling like Langer's guinea pigs, finally turn on him viciously and after killing the guards, make their escape.

Rick and Lisa are left alone and realizing Dwyer is still in the prison, go back to find him. Dwyer has returned to the execution chamber where Callahan's ghost awaits….!!

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