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The Films of
Michal Bat-Adam

Directed by Michal Bat-Adam:

A Thousand & One Wives The story of love to the death set in Jerusalem at the turn of the century

An Imagined Autobiography Michal Bat-Adams story of a struggle to exist

Boy Takes Girl tells us about the first loves of children between the ages of nine to twelve. The story takes place in a kibbutz, told through the eyes of a girl from Tel-Aviv.

Life is Life It is an ironic, bitter-sweet-story, about our addiction to lust, our longing for true love and the nature of the creative process.

Love at Second Sight Nina a young photogapher, see's a man in one of her photographs, she sets forth on an obsessive quest to find him

Moments The story of two young women meeting by chance, their relationship, and their re-uniting

The Deserter's Wife Nina, a concert pianist searches for the truth about her husband, wounded under mysterious circumstances

The Thin Line A drama about the struggle against human depression

Starring Michal Bat-Adam:

Women A film by the Academy-awarded Director Moshe Mizrahi, set in in the 19th century Jerusalem

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