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Blowing Hot & Cold

Drama / 1985 / 86 mins / Australia

Diane Craig • Peter Adams
Joe Dolce • Kate Gorman
and Bruce Kane

Produced by Rosa Colosimo

Directed by Marc Gracie

Synopsis: The story of two men from opposite backgrounds and social structures who become friends. Jack Phillips is a laid-back, wry service station proprietor in a small Australian country town.

His world is disrupted by a vocal Italian, Nino Patrovita who bursts upon the scene. Nino is a traveling salesman and his wares include a range of dolls (the blow-up variety) and various aids for enjoyment of life. When Nino's car breaks down near Jack's service station, he attempts a con trick that fails.

Jack's solution is simple. Nino will work off the debt by painting the house and working at the service station. Jack, however, is not all he seems. Underneath the lethargic demeanor is a red-blooded Aussie male. When Nino interrupts their alliance, his young daughter Sally has run away and is too inexperienced and naive to extricate herself from the trouble she is in., It is up to Jack and his new friend Nino to bring her back home.

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