The Film Source Collection Return from the River Kwai starring Edward Fox, Denholm Elliot and Chris Penn

Action & Thrillers

Facing the Forest

Knifes of the Avenger

Puppet on a Chain Classic Alistair MacLean action thriller set in Amsterdam.

Return from the River Kwai World War II action sequel starring Edward Fox.

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack Western classic from horror maestro Mario Bava. Italian language with English sub titles. Starring Brett Halsey and Marilu Tolo.

The Magic Hour Beautifully crafted suspense drama. Directed by Guilherme de Almeida Prado.

The Seventh Mine A platoon finds itself in a mine strewn post without a map locating the explosives. The seven unexploded mines create havoc among the soldiers.

Vengeance There were four in the gang: Joko, Ricky, Domingo, and Mendoza. Mendoza was the brains - the Professor. He had masterminded the biggest gold hoist ever attempted in the west, but things didn't go off as planned.