The Film Source Collection Return from the River Kwai starring Edward Fox, Denholm Elliot and Chris Penn

Scottish writer who became known for his well crafted adventure thrillers. The sea or the icy north was MacLean's favorite setting, from H.M.S. Ulysses (1955) and Ice Station Zebra (1963) to his late collection of short stories, The Lonely Sea (1985). A number of MacLean's books gained a huge success as films, among them When Eight Bells Toll (1970) staring Anthony Hopkins and Puppet on a Chain (1971) staring Vladek Sheybal.

Alistair MacLean

Puppet on a Chain - Riveting thriller about an American drug agent who goes to Amsterdam to stop a world-wide narcotics ring.



When Eight Bells Toll - Naval Secret Service Agent Philip Calvert is sent to uncover the piracy of millons of pounds in gold bullion in the Irish Sea.