The Film Source Collection

Pictures from Australia

A Kink in the Picasso Comedy centered on the theft of a Picasso, the people who stole it and the capers they get involved with.

A Sting in the Tale Directed by Eugene Schlusser.

Blowing Hot & Cold The story of two men from opposite backgrounds and social structures who become friends, set in a small town in the Australian outback.

Jigsaw A contemporary thriller tracing the plight of Virginia York as she weaves her way through the mysteries of her husband's murder.

On My Own A drama about a 15 year old at a prestigious boys' boarding school coming to terms with the events that have torn his family apart

The Still Point Drama, a young deaf girl is sent away to a summer resort, where she meets a boy which triggers off conflicts. This time Sarah faces the problems and learns to take her place with her peers.