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Gold of the Amazon Women Advenure in the Amazon Jungle

La Cage Los Angeles Musical extravaganza at the world famous cabaret revue

Liquid Sky The new wave New York cult science fiction directed by Slava Tsukerman.

Miguelle/Michelle Miguel, a young man from Quezon province, leaves the Philippines for the U.S. After seven years, he returns home, and his family discovers he has had a sex change operation and is now Michelle. She declares she will stay until her family accepts her. This proves iffy: mom is embarrassed by the scandal; dad is angry and rejecting, feeling his own manhood undermined. In a sub-plot, M/M's best friend Julio, whom M/M knows is gay, announces his engagement to Sonja. Michelle tries to talk Julio out of the marriage. Julio and Sonja's decisions, Michelle's changing relationship with her tatay, and her own need to confront anew the nature of her sexuality complete the film. Directed by Gil Portes.

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