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Women in Movies

A Thousand & One Wives The story of love to the death set in Jerusalem at the turn of the century

Au Pair A young woman who leaves for Germany in search of some real adventure. She falls in love with her boss' lover, but when Susan's boyfriend from Wales shows up, sparks begin to fly

Closer & Closer Apart Adultery tears apart a long-standing friendship. Inspired by Giovanni Verga's story

Four Times That Night A film in which the truth hides behind four different points of view

Hungry Heart A quirky love story. Nick meets Kate and falls in love with her, but Jane loves her too

Life is Life An ironic, bitter-sweet, funny story about our addiction to lust and longing for true love. Directed by Michal Bat-Adam

An Imagined Autobiography Michal Bat-Adams story of a struggle to exist

Love at Second Sight Nina a young photogapher, see's a man in one of her photographs, she sets forth on an obsessive quest to find him

Love by Appointment A steamy and provocative film, two businessman looking for love

The Magic Hour Beautifully crafted suspense drama. Directed by Guilherme de Almeida Prado

Scent of Gardenia A perfect crime, a taxi driver, starts confessing to crimes that he never committed.

The Lady from the Movie A suspense thriller about a mysterious woman, who resembles the main actress in a movie

The Thin Line A drama about the struggle against human depression

Women A film by the Academy-awarded Director Moshe Mizrahi, set in in the 19th century Jerusalem