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1994 / 81 minutes / Israeli-French

Starring: Michal Bat-Adam, Michal Zoharetz, Shira Lu-Munk, Gdalia Besser, Menashe Noi

Written & Directed by Michel Bat-Adam

Official Selection in the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival the Festival of Montreal

Synopsis: Aya's life is the story of a struggle to exist. Since early childhood, she is driven by her father's ambition to see her become successful and she wants to achieve something worthwhile so her father could be proud of her. She is shooting a film, fragments of dreams and fantasy which alternate with real or imagined reality.

Aya realizes during the filmmaking that it is vain to go after important and worthwhile ambitions. She understands that what is really important is our ability to be alive every moment and to find in every fragment of our life joy and pleasure.

"When I lost the importance of things I was left with fragments... I understood that the fragments were the debris of my life, and that they were dear to me... the chirp of a bird is worth all inventions ... a ray of sunshine is better than a kingdom... I understood that there are no answers even when you grow up... that everything exists in the moment between lifting the sole of your foot and the next step... that God exists in the little things..."

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