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Elke Sommer in Baron BloodMario Bava Collection
Baron Blood

Horror / 1972 / 98 mins / Color Feature

Starring: Joseph Cotton • Elke Sommer
Massimo Girotti & Antonio Cantafora

Director: Mario Bava
Producer: Alfredo Leone

Exec. Producer: Sam Lang, J. Arthur Elliot
Writer: Vincent Fotre, William A. Bairn Cinematographer: Emilio Varriano
Editor: Carlo Reali
Music Composer: Les Baxter
Art Director: Enzo Bulgarelli

Synopsis: A young man, Peter, returns to Austria in search of his heritage. There he visits the castle of an ancestor, a sadistic Baron who was cursed to a violent death by a witch whom the Baron had burned at the stake. Peter reads aloud the incantation that causes Baron Blood to return and continue his murderous tortures.

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