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Black Sabbath

Italy / 1963 / 99 minutes / Color


Susy Andersen • Mark Damon
Glauco Onorato
Rika Dialina
Massimo Righi
Michèle Mercier
Lidia Alfonsi and Milli Monti

Directed by MARIO BAVA

Written by: Mario Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua
Ivan Chekhov
Marcello Fondato
F.G. Snyder and V.I. Tolstoy

Black Sabbath, staaing Boris Larloff

"THE DROP OF WATER" concerns a nurse who steals a ring off a dead spiritualist, only to have the corpse seek revenge.
"THE TELEPHONE" features a prostitute who is terrorized by phone calls from a dead client.
"THE WURDALAK" stars Boris Karloff as a vampire who feeds on the blood of his loved ones.

The first story concerns a nurse (Jacqueline Pierreux) who is summoned to the home of a dying clairvoyant. Upon her arrival, she discovers that the medium has already died, greedily steals a diamond ring from the body, and wears it home. That night she is haunted by the ghost of the deceased woman.

The second episode features Michele Mercier as Rosy, a prostitute who is harassed by phone calls made by a man she helped send to prison. The escaped killer murders the hooker's friend by mistake, giving Rosy a chance to kill him.

The final episode stars Karloff as Gorca, the patriarch of an Eastern European family, who has gone off to kill a local bandit. Before his departure, Gorca informed his family that if he were gone longer than five days he might return as a wurdalak--a vampire who thirsts for the blood of his loved ones--and that no matter how strong his demands he must not be let into the house. He returns on the fifth day, and the family is horrified to discover that their father has, indeed, returned as a wurdalak. Gorca proceeds to kill the whole bunch, including his young grandson, turning them into vampires.

While all the episodes have terrifying moments, the finale is the standout, with the most disturbing scenes being those in which Karloff, having turned his grandson into a vampire, uses the child's cries to lure the other members of the family into his deadly trap.

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