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Evil Eye

1962 / 87 minutes / B&W

Robert Buchanan, Valentina Cortese
Gianni De Benedetto, Dante DiPaolo
Jorge Rivero, Letícia Román and John Saxon

Directed by Mario Bava

Writer: Ennio De Concini, Eliana De Sabata
Franco Prosperi, Enzo Corbucci
Mino Guerrini & Mario Bava
Cinematographer: Mario Bava
Editor: Mario Serandrei
Music Composer: Les Baxter
Art Director: Giorgio Giovannini
Set Decorator: Luigi D'Andria

Evil Eye

Synopsis: Roman travels to Rome to see her aunt, who subsequently suffers a heart attack. Roman goes to summon help and is attacked and knocked unconscious.

She awakens in a hospital and remembers that, before she fell unconscious, she saw a woman being stabbed. Her attending physician, Saxon, doesn't believe her, but, when she returns to her aunt's house, she finds the woman has died and learns that there have been other murders in the neighborhood.

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