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Five Dolls for an August Moon

Five Dolls for an August Moon

1970 / 78 mins / Color / Not Rated

Alfredo Leone presents

Starring Wiliam Berger, Edwige Fenech
and Ira von Furstenburg

Edited and Directed by Mario Bava

Written by Mario di Nardo

Produced by Luigi Alessi

Music by Piero Umiliani

The Films of Mario Bava

Synopsis: George Stark, a wealthy industrialist and playboy, gathers a group of bourgeois friends at his isolated island beach house for the weekend. His guest of honor is Gerry Farrell, a brilliant chemist who has discovered a remarkable new formula for a synthetic resin. Moody over the fate of a colleague who died while helping him to develop the formula, Farrell doesn't care to discuss business, but the other businessmen in attendance are determined to talk money - in the millions.
Each of them angers the others with secret bids and overbids, spawning an atmosphere of distrust. There is also enough sexual intrigue in the air, between the men and their various wives and mistresses, to complicate suspicions when the guests begin to turn up dead, one by one!
Mario Bava strikes again - and again, - in this stylish and wicked whodunnit.

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