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Mario Bava's KILL, BABY KILL!

Italy /
1966 / 87 mins / Color
KILL BABY KILL! starring Monica Schuftan

Monica Schuftan, Rossi Stuart
Fabienne Dali, Giana Vivaldi, Piero Lulli
Max Lawrence, Esdra Giuseppe
Mariella Panfili and Valerio Valeri

Directed by Mario Bava

Cinematographer: Antonio Rinaldi (Eastmancolor)

Produced by Nando Pisanie

Synopsis: A chilling horror set in the small Transylvanian town of Karmingan, the population is plagued with a series of mysterious deaths. Lulli receives a letter from a young girl requesting his help. He arrives too late, however, for she is dead. When the autopsy reveals a coin embedded in the girl's heart, the police pay a visit to Dali, a local witch. Dali explains the coin was her doing, in order to protect the girl's ghost from Vivaldi, a local baroness. It appears that when the baroness' young daughter had been killed a few years back, her pleas had gone unnoticed by the villagers. This event whetted the baroness' appetite for revenge. They then discover that Blanc, the dead girl's younger sister, is the next intended victim. To stop Vivaldi, the sorceress must kill her, thus saving the girl and the town.

The film is well-crafted, with an atmospheric lighting that helps set the mood. The different lines of the plot are woven together deftly, keeping the audience constantly on edge.

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