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VENGEANCE starring Richard Harrison
Italy-Germany /
1969 / 100 mins / Color / Rated

Richard Harrison
Claudio Camaso
Sheyla Rosia
Freddy Unger
and Alan Collins

Directed by Anthony Dawson

Produced by Alfredo Leone

There were four in the gang: Joko, Ricky, Domingo, and Mendoza. Mendoza was the brains - the Professor. He had masterminded the biggest gold hoist ever attempted in the west, but things didn't go off as planned. Mendoza died in the explosion he devised to cover their escape and Richy, Joko's beat friend, fell into a trap and was captured by five bandits. It was Domingo who ratted. Ricky was tortured by his five captors, but he wouldn't tell them where Joko was hiding. Each one tied him with a rope; he was caught in a gigantic web. The ropes were pulled taut in five directions, but Ricky kept silent. The bandits swatted their horses and instantly dismembered him. Ricky had died to save Joko.

Now Joko was to have his revenge. He picked up the five pieces of bloodstained rope - the symbol of Richy's sacrifice - and swore to return each piece to its owner. He knew the traitor would rat again, so he began with Domingo - one rope down, one man dead. But before dying, Domingo leads him to Yuma, a two-bit cardsharp.

The stakes are high this time, and Yuma loses. Two ropes, two men down. Next in line was Laredo, the sex mad Mexican. He was in love with Jane, he didn't know her, but he loved her like mad, to the point of dropping his guard and losing his cool. Playing on Laredo's weakness for women, Joko runs off with Jane, knowing that the mad Mexican will walk right into his trap and so the third rope is chalked up as the third man falls. Nexet was the Kid but the was too smart, too fast for Joko. And if he didn't die by the Kid's hand it's only because of McTigue, agent for the Pinkerton Detective Company of Chicago. Pinkerton put McTigue on Joko's tail in the hope of eventually recovering the gold. Thanks to McTigue, Joko manages to consign the fourth piece of blood stained rope over the fourth man's body.

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