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Naughty Cats
  The Naughty Cats  
Bula, Kesa and Silva
  Bula & Kesa - The Naughty Cats  
Bula and Kesa
  Silva - The Naughty Cats  
  Yasha the Dog  
Yasha the dog
Children - Animation
40 Episodes x 1 min / Color
The Naughty Cats
Forty high quality animated Episodes, each one minute with a neutral dialogue, produced by the award winning
Maski Studio

Bula, Kesa and Silva, three very naughty cats with their mischievous antics and backyard advenures, usually pitted against their poor nemesis - Yasha the dog.

Each episode is a fast paced, hilarious adventure, featuring original stories, top quality animation and soundtrack featuring no dialogue, greatly enhancing its broad international appeal.

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