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Israel / 1996 / 94 mins / Not Rated

Michal Bat-Adam
Amos Lavi
and Ilor Harpaz

Based on the short story by Yehuda Burla

Direction & Screenplay
by Moshe Mizrahi

Director Moshe Mizrahi's other award winning films include I Love You Rosa (which also stars Michal Bat-Adam), La Vie Continue, Oscar nominee The House on Chelouche Street and Madame Rosa starring Simon Signoret0, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1977.
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Synopsis: Set in the old city of Jerusalem in the 19th century, Rebecca is married to the man of her choice, Jacob de Elhanan, a renowned Rabbi, well versed in the Kabbala and the Zohar. Their union is the symbol of profound and intense love.

Yet a shadow rests on their happiness: they have no children. After fifteen years of torment and anguish, Rebecca appeals to a widow relative, Vida de Pinso, who lives in penury with her eighteen year old daughter Sultana. Rebecca implores Vida to give Sultana in marriage to her husband Jacob, in the hope that the young woman will give them a son. However, the Ménage A' Trios does not work out according to Rebecca's plans.

Women, is not simply a great love story, it is also a study of universal and eternal topical sentiments, such as love, jealousy, barrenness and the burning desire to have children. The story prompts us to ask the basic questions of life, What is the true nature of love ? and Is life without love worth living ?

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